Take your time in the correct preparation and enjoy an excellent cup of Aroma High Grown Coffee.

Flavors and Aroma that tell a story

Café Aroma High Grown was founded by Miguel Quiros I, (born in 1897, Zacatlán, México). He became a rural teacher, but was a natural born merchant who decided to trade coffee and other commodities. Since then, Café Aroma High Grown has been in the coffee business for four generations. Our brand has surpassed all international quality standards thanks to the demand for our product in Europe and the USA.

Secrets to make the best coffee cup

Store your coffee in a fresh and dry place away from any other strong odors that could alter the original flavor.

Keep your coffee in a clean, sealed container.

Always clean your coffee brewer after use.

Brew your coffee with filtered water.

Use freshly ground coffee each time.  Do not re-brew or reheat coffee.

Coffee must be enjoyed right after being brewed and at a temperature of 140° F.

Let's get to the source

Café Aroma High Grown is a Mexican-owned company that roasts coffee directly from our farm. We closely control our coffee from harvest to roast to ensure we deliver a high quality product.

The farm is managed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience. We provide more than 100 jobs during the harvest season.

All the processes and techniques used to produce Cafe Aroma High Grown ensure that our clients enjoy the best cup of coffee.

Café Aroma High Grown is farmed from Finca Nextlalpa, located in Xicotepec de Juárez, México. This farm is dedicated exclusively to the production of high Grown coffee.


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